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Our Story of Crafting Wine

Life can sometimes take unexpected twists and turns. While we have felt, at times, like a tumbleweed blowing aimlessly in the wind, amid all the change and uncertainty that come with life, one dream has always remained constant - to one day own and operate our own winery. After working over 10 years in the wine industry both at home and abroad we finally broke free and ventured out on our own. Tumble Wines was born. 

With roots in the Okanagan Valley this was a natural place to begin. Not being in a position to own any land while starting out, we began by leasing small vineyards to personally manage and source our own fruit from, finding ourselves all over BC from Osoyoos to Kelowna and have even ventured west to the Fraser Valley.  Our wines are currently being produced in Okanagan Falls, at BC Wine Studio. 


We have decided on labeling ourselves as a "Craft Wine" label to set us apart from larger commercial wineries.  Most vineyards that we work with are less than 2 acres in size, and have historically been lost in the mix of bigger blends.  We plan to always remain small, be harder to find, and more importantly tell the story of where and when each wine was grown.  We don't intend to always make wines to please the masses, but make them unique and delicious all the same.  

Regardless of where we source our grapes our wine making philosophy always remains the same - let the region, the vineyard and even the vintage shine through in every wine.  With gentle handling, minimal intervention and attention to detail we hope our passion for these small lot wines shows in every bottle.  

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Tumble Wines is a Subsidary of BC Wine Studio Produced at 2434 Oliver Ranch Rd. OK Falls, BC