Tumble Wines

Our Story of Crafting Wine

Life is full of unexpected twists and turns, much like a tumbleweed travelling aimlessly in the breeze. 


Tumble Wines tells the story of Winemaker Michael Anderson, and his dream of owning his own winery one day.  Born and raised in Penticton, the heart of Okanagan Wine country, Michael came from humble beginnings.  One of nine children, he was taught to work hard at a young age and that nothing in life would be handed to him freely.  While studying at UBC's Wine Research Centre a passion for winemaking was discovered and a career path was found.  Over a span of 12 years in the industry, both in the Okanagan and abroad, Michael worked his way from intern, to cellar hand to Winemaker.  Two stints in New Zealand working with Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc, and working with big Cabernets and Chardonnay from the Napa Valley gave Michael an appreciation for the world of wine, but the call to return home to his roots was always there.  The desire to venture out on his own, to work and create something for himself from vineyard to bottle was undeniable.  It was time to break free. Tumble Wines was born. 

Not being in a position to own any land while starting out, Michael began by leasing small vineyards to farm and carefully source his own grapes from.  These small parcels are spread out across the Okanagan Valley in South East Kelowna (Riesling country) and the warmer South Okanagan (Pinot and Chardonnay), in addition to a new site in the Fraser Valley.  The ability to also purchase small parcels of fruit from select growers in the South Okanagan and the Similkameen Valley also gives Mike the freedom to work with other varieties perfectly suited to the terroir in which they are grown. Tumble Wines are currently being produced in Okanagan Falls, at BC Wine Studio, a collaborative winemaking facility, where we can continue to grow until a brick and mortar location is established.  

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 "Regardless of where we source our grapes my wine making philosophy always remains the same - let the region, the vineyard and even the vintage shine through in every wine.  With gentle handling, minimal intervention and attention to detail I hope my passion for these small lot wines and vineyards shows in every bottle."

Mike Anderson - WINEMAKER