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Sandbar Vineyard - South East Kelowna

Location: South East Kelowna Bench


Acres Planted: 0.95 Acres - Three Terraced North-West Facing Slope 


Varietals: Riesling (Self Rooted) - clone unknown


Training: 8 x 4 spacing on Cane Pruned Vertical Shoot Positioning Trellis


Soil Type: Sandy Loam with three distinct perpendicular veins of sand 


Irrigation:  Yes - Drip irrigation 

Back Story:  The vineyard was purchased from previous owners late in 2017 by the Dobinson Family who didn't have experience managing a vineyard.  Tumble Wines has leased this land continuously since 2019 when it produced its first Riesling from this site and are thrilled to be on board working with the owners to help the vineyard realize full potential.  Further plantings of Riesling to fill in gaps in the current acreage are underway in 2020 and there is potential to expand a lower 2.5 acre portion of land with Pinot Noir and Gamay Noir plantings in 2022. 

Cactus Crescent Vineyard - Osoyoos Lake

Location: Western Shore of Osoyoos Lake - Osoyoos, BC 


Acres Planted: 1.0 Acres - East facing slope towards the lake 


Varietals: Pinot Noir (Cl.115) and Chardonnay (Cl.95) 


Training: Spur Pruned - 6 x 4 spacing on Vertical Shoot Positioning Trellis


Soil Type: Loam and Fine Sand - very well drained 

Irrigation:  Yes - Drip irrigation 

Back Story:  The vineyard has been planted since 2002, and originally started out as a backyard vineyard with a mixed variety of wine grapes. Tumble Wines has leased this vineyard in 2018 and again in 2020 with a short term lease running until 2025.  In 2021 we are looking at grafting or replanting odd varieties to focus on Pinot Noir and Chardonnay at this site. 

IMG_5114 (1).jpg

Clearbrook Vineyard - Fraser Valley

Location: South Clearbrook - Abbotsford, Fraser Valley BC


Acres Planted: 1.5 Acres - South facing Slope 


Varietals: Siegerrebe (Self Rooted) 


Training: Cane Pruned - 7 x 4 spacing on Vertical Shoot Positioning Trellis


Soil Type: Silty Loam - Fertile and High Organic Matter

Irrigation:  Dry Farmed 

Back Story:  The vineyard was originally planted in 2007 by the Brown Family on their 7 acre family farm. Prior to the inception of Tumble Wines we helped farm this vineyard from 2011-2013 before venturing to the Okanagan to focus on wine making. Between 2014-2018 this vineyard was leased out to another Fraser Valley Winery with multiple award winning vintages being produced. In 2019 Tumble Wines jumped at the chance to manage this site and is working with the Brown Family to produce their own Wine Label "Clearbrook Vineyards" in addition to eventually adding Siegerrebe to the Tumble Wines Portfolio. 

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